BREAKING NEWS: 2019 Nurses Week Celebrations 3rd May - 12th May 2019 | Conference for the East, Central and Southern Africa College of nursing (ECSACON) Kenya chapter 7th and 8th August 2019 | Scientific Conference - 1st East Africa Labor & Health Workforce 18th- 19th September 2019

The National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNA-Kenya) is a professional association representing all cadres of nurses in Kenya drawn from practice settings, education and research institutions with approximate membership of 12,000 members countrywide. It was established in 1968 and is duly registered under Cap 108 of the laws of Kenya. The association has branches in all the 47 counties in Kenya.

The association main function is capacity building to its members and tackles member’s challenges through lobbying and advocacy and ensures sound health policies. This is geared towards ensuring respect to the nursing profession while promoting competence, motivation and satisfaction of the members.

The challenge has been to match itself with the need and expectations of its members as well as its stakeholders. To address this NNAK kisumu branch has formulated a 4 year strategic plan covering the period between 2017-2020 which was pegged on the aspiration of members to address the three fundamental goals to include improved service delivery, growth in membership and capacity building.

In its preparation the branch officials developed a consensus seeking process where all parties were consulted. The key pillars for this strategy are to invest in developing capacities of the branch officials and entire membership. This will be achieved through enormous opportunities brought about by devolution, technological advancement and partnerships. The branch shall remain committed to this strategic plan to enhance unity and bring cohesion among members with responsible and focused leadership with clear road map.

NNA-Kenya kisumu branch has a membership of approximately 350 members. Changes are taking place in our branch with notable interest and increase in membership.
The following is our branch objectives with implementation plan, activities, implementing persons, timelines, indicators and resources required are annexed.

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