BREAKING NEWS: 2019 Nurses Week Celebrations 3rd May - 12th May 2019 | Conference for the East, Central and Southern Africa College of nursing (ECSACON) Kenya chapter 7th and 8th August 2019 | Scientific Conference - 1st East Africa Labor & Health Workforce 18th- 19th September 2019

Speciality Chapters

The National Nurses Association of Kenya has enacted and supported various chapters that bring together members of a given speciality with the view of reinforcing evidence-based practices within those specialities as well as providing an opportunity for the members to be acquainted with new scientifically proven practices in their field.

The specialities also provide a unique forum for the members to share experiences and challenges within their lines of specialization thus enabling then to pursure a proffesionally unifying approach in addressing these issues without contravening the universally accepted and scientifically proven standards.

  • Ophthalmic Chapter
  • Critical Care Nurses Chapter
  • Midwives Chapter
  • Mental Health Chapter
  • Community Health Chapter
  • Peri-operative Nurses Chapter
  • Disaster and Emergency Chapter
  • Pediatric Nurses Chapter
  • Registered Nurse Anaesthetists Chapter


Chapters of Intrest

These chapters address a specific issue aimed at promoting nursing practices well as the health status of the society.

  • Eastern Central Southern African College of Nursing (ECSACON)
  • Infection Control Nurses Chapter
  • Leadership for Change (LFC) Chapter
  • Private Nurse Practitioners Chapter
  • Students Nurses Chapter
  • HIV/AIDS Chapter

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